Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bird Cat

So, its been... forever since I put anything in here, obviously. Nothing really note worthy going on AND I've had dial-up. Who wants to try and do anything with that. But not any more! (Thanks Dad!!!) Still not "lightening-speed" but a VAST improvement. So, that being the case, I have something to add. :) Just a little tid-bit.

Recently Gma's cat had kittens. She initially had them in the weirdest/funniest place. A little pot-bellied clay stove thingy (perhaps I'll get a picture to make it clear how funny it was). Six kittens and a full grown mama cat in something the size of a .... lets say 10 quart (if that) pot. Pretty funny! Though the first time I saw them it was POURING outside and this stove wasn't under cover and the chimney, is well a chimney, with a hole. They were all soaking wet! We moved them to a nice roomy (and long time empty) dog house. She apparently didn't like that, as mama cats are prone to want to pick out their own place for their kittens, and she moved them about two days later. Time went by and I wanted to find the kittens before they became six little feral cats roaming around!

I didn't look too seriously until last week. I should add, as a side note of sorts, that mama cat wasn't the friendliest cat. Until, that is, she had her kittens. Apparently motherhood softened her up because she is now very "lovey" and will beg for attention. Anyway, I used this fact and carried her all around Gma's house, looking and listening for her kittens. She didn't really help at all (crazy as that sounds) even when I asked her about 50 times to tell me where her kittens were. *Note: I don't really anthropomorphize animals THAT much! I didn't think she'd actually answer me. Really!* I walked through the field, around the garden, around the barn and garage, through the barn, behind the barn. Looked under overhangs, in bushes, under sheds. You know, in all the places I thought a mama cat would think to put her kittens to keep them safe. I didn't see or hear them.

Finally, I put down the mama, and just stood by the garage. I just stood there and tried to listen for little meow's. Nothing. Mama cat wound around my feet over and over trying to get attention. I stood in one place probably for about 10 minutes before she got bored with me and went a little ways away to drink out of a puddle in the rim of the tractor bucket. Then she came back and rubbed on my legs some more. She decided I wasn't going to pay any attention to her so she went trotting off toward the barn. I thought "yes! She's going to lead me right to them!" When she was a good distance away from me I started to follow her. But, she got to the big willow at the back corner of the barn and climbed right up! Well, that was it. I had a moment when I thought she could have put them in the V of the trunk about 10 feet off the ground but, she kept going up the tree. I knew she had gotten bored with me, and wasn't going back to her kittens.

Dad came out about then and asked if I'd found them. Nope. He walked out to me and I pointed out that she'd climbed the tree. He noticed something move on the barn roof. Yeah, it was mama cat. THEN, he noticed something else move. Yep! She'd gone over to the barn roof on a branch from the willow tree to a nice pile of old sticks. She had all six kittens up there in a big bird-cat nest. Crazy cat!
Needless to say, my hinting about feral cats and kittens falling to their doom, led to them being rescued from the barn roof.

Again I say, crazy cat!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day

I thought, for the most part, that dad's were the ones that got the surprises for Father's Day. Apparently my dad didn't realize that because he gave the surprise this time. He showed up Sunday morning from Oregon without any of us up here knowing he was planning on being back in the area. Thank goodness I didn't procrastinate as much as I could have with his gift. Thanks Brandy! Whatever gift it was anyway (un-hung peg board and insulation for the garage that apparently didn't need it!) He seemed appreciative so I guess alls well.... My great delight came from the card that I gave him though. Boy do I know my dad!!! I've scanned the front of the card so I could show how well I know him... to post along side the picture I snapped of him later that evening! Enjoy.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Is it really spring?

March 29
Back Porch

Well we've made it into May. I admit I was beginning to have my doubts that it would actually happen. March... In like a lion out like a lamb. Ha! More like in like a lion who thinks it wasn't fed enough and is angry enough to eat the lamb. So much for heralding milder weather. April showers bring May flowers. What does it mean when those showers are snow showers?? Well for my place it means that the last of the snow didn't melt until maybe last week. It means that though there are a few green things starting to appear, it's slow in coming. Grandma's does have violets and some daffodils blooming, but those are really the only May flowers I've seen. I do believe that spring is here. But we'll see how long its here. If it's going to stretch out into what normally would be the starting days of summer or if its short, short, short and we leap into the hot days of summer. I thought about that the other day when I was huddled in my bed with my blankets up over my head so only my nose was sticking out. That, soon enough, I will be laying in bed not even wanting a sheet because the air is swealtering. Funny. I don't like winter all that much. I mean I don't like feeling like I have a block of ice for a nose. But I also don't like being so hot that I want to strip my skin off. I mean, there are only so many layers of clothes before you're just stuck with how hot you are. :) Ah well. The joy of living in an area where there are actually four seasons. I certainly am thankful the seasons here don't include hurricanes, tornados, tsunami's or other such extremes in weather. Just the possibilties of 10 feet of snow, floods or drought. Ya know, the mild stuff. :) And yes, this is how exciting my life is that I write my blogs about the weather. Bah, who needs a life! Ha! Good news, (please note sarcasm) Grandma wants to set me up on a blind date. Yah hoo.... I don't even have a good sarcastic comment about how truely sad that is. Ah well. I've had several of my family members suggest they have someone that they would like to set me up with, no dates by that route so far. And let me just say I'm not really complaining. But hey, some kind of life is something even if spurred from Gma. *SOB* That's all I really have to ramble about so far. I wanted to share the lovely pictures I have of the "spring" snow's we've had.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I woke up this morning and discovered something that is blog worthy. Snow. A week before Easter there was at least a quarter inch of fresh snow! I mean I was driving home last night and there was a slushy rain/snow mix coming down but I didn't think it would actually accumulate. It did. Obviously. I mean I've had more snow hanging around than other places because my house is in the shade most of the time still. The earth hasn't tilted back the other way enough and stuff. I just have to shake my head. I mean when I decided to move back to Spokane permanently I had been lulled into a false sense of security by the mild winters I'd experienced while living with Grandma. Guess what, Spokane cycles through its winters and about every 5 - 7 years there are ones where you get a foot of snow in a day, versus a foot all winter. Ah well, I've survived another one..... well almost, since they're forcasting another inch tonight.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moo Kiss Torture

This is something fairly old that I had posted on one of my first attempts at a web site. I just read through it again and must say, I still think I'm hilarious! To give some background so its perhaps more understandable, this is an online chat conversation I had late one night with a friend of mine. I am "Farfignugen the Fish" and he is the "Glutton for Punishment" (thusly renamed because of this very conversation.) Everything between the "*" is something we are "doing", say, if we were in the same room or the "stage directions." So, as our conversation progresses, its like reading a play with all the stage directions and dialogue. Anyway, like I said I just read it again and it STILL makes me laugh, so enjoy!

By Rebecca Carter & a glutton for punishment

GLUTTON_FOR_PUNISHMENT: hello … I didn't see you come on
FTF: darn, I should have said BOO
GFP: missed your chance
FTF: darn *laments*
GFP: you'll just have to try again some other time
FTF: *tip toes out of the room*
GFP: *watches you closely*
FTF: *goes around the corner where she can't be seen and waits for you to be distracted*
GFP: *follows you to the corner, making sure to see you clearly at all times*
FTF: *pretends to be reading something posted on the wall*… *whistles innocently*
GFP: *walks over to you and tries to see what you're reading*
FTF: *evil smile*
GFP: *stands directly behind you lightly blowing on the back of your neck and chuckling evily*
FTF: *shivers, then quick as Rebecca lightening turns around and give you a MOO kiss.... runs away*
GFP: umm.. a MOO kiss??
FTF: *evil laughter comes from around the corner*
GFP: what exactly is a MOO kiss??
FTF: *more evil laughter bordering on hysterical*
GFP: *walks around the corner and glances at you quizzically*
FTF: *hands you a #2 pencil*
GFP: umm...thanks
FTF: no problem… *adjusts the buckles on her straight jacket*
GFP: *tightens the buckles down*
FTF: *starts to get claustrophobic, foams at the mouth*
GFP: *promises you loosen then as soon as he knows what a MOO kiss is*
FTF: *starts to twitch*
GFP: *sighs, and loosens the buckles a little bit*
FTF: *stops foaming*
GFP: now...about that "MOO kiss"
FTF: *raises an eyebrow*
GFP: what is it exactly??
FTF: it is a word, a pronoun
GFP: meaning what??
FTF: it? well it takes the place of another noun, so you don't have to say "door" every time... once you say door you can replace the word door with the pronoun, "it"
GFP: *tickles you mercilessly*
FTF: *can't get away, at a disadvantage in the straight jacket*
GFP: so...what is a MOO kiss??… other than being a pronoun… or a word
FTF: MOO kiss isn't a pronoun, its a noun... or a verb I suppose
GFP: but you said it was a pronoun
FTF: it is a pronoun
GFP: *tickles you mercilessly*… ok...what is a MOO kiss...other than a word, verb, or noun… IF it is a verb, what is the action that the verb describes… (note) "it"="MOO kiss"
FTF: it isn't a verb, it is a pronoun!
GFP: I told you.... "it"="MOO kiss"
FTF: well if you're asking what a MOO kiss is, its a kiss... *looks at you oddly for not getting that*
GFP: well DUH!! I got that much… what KIND of kiss??
FTF: a MOO kiss!
GFP: I KNEW IT!!!… I KNEW you'd say that!
FTF: well if you knew the answer why did you ask?
GFP: I knew you say it, but I HOPED you say more… care to expand on that a little
FTF: that is also a pronoun
GFP: what exactly does a MOO kiss involve, that makes it different from a regular kiss
FTF: well MOO kiss only has 7 letters.... regular kiss has 11... they both have a space though
GFP: *glares at you*… you KNOW what I meant… NOT grammatically, what exactly does a MOO kiss involve, that makes it different from a regular kiss…what actions… *pokes you*
FTF: *tries to poke you back but hindered by restraint jacket*
GFP: why aren't you answering my question?
FTF: you poke me and then demand a response???… I got distracted!
GFP: uh huh...sure
FTF: *rolls eyes* your question?
GFP: NOT grammatically, what exactly does a MOO kiss involve, that makes it different from a regular kiss, what actions
FTF: ohhhh well it involves one person kissing another person in a MOO kiss like way
GFP: and what exactly IS a MOO kiss like way??
FTF: a way that is one person kissing another person...
GFP: ok....but HOW is the person kissing the other (OTHER than just in a MOO kiss way)
FTF: well they wouldn't be kissing the person in a way other than a MOO kiss way or it wouldn't be a MOO kiss!
GFP: yes what what IS a MOO kiss way?…. *doesn't know whether to laugh or cry at this point* FTF: a way that a person kisses another person that is different than a regular kiss
GFP: could I have a bit more detail to the answer please???
FTF: which one?
GFP: either or all of your last three
FTF: hmmm well I really don't know how I could give more detail.... I mean, they're self explanatory
GFP: no, no they're not… I was hoping for a more detailed description of the actions involved in a MOO kiss
FTF: ahhh hope
GFP: *tightens the straps on yout straight jacket and walks out of the room*
FTF: *pulls a Houdini and tip toes in after you* BOO!
GFP: *knocks you down and hogties you, before tickling you mercilessly* you know this could ALL be avoided if you would just answer my question the way I want it answered
FTF: where in the world is the fun in that???
GFP: ok...fine *resumes tickling you*… *begs you to answer his question*… *pouts*
FTF: *considers if you're prostrate enough*
GFP: well??? *begs and pouts some more*
FTF: a hole that holds water.
GFP: that way then
FTF: *nods* I yam what I yam
GFP: *turns away from you, ignoring everythign you say… whistles to himself*
FTF: *yawn*
GFP: ready to answer my question yet??
FTF: yes
GFP: ok.... so..
FTF: I did
GFP: not THAT question
FTF: you said question... you didn't say WHICH question!
GFP: hmm...maybe the question I've been asking all night
FTF: well you've asked several questions!
GFP: yes, but all centering around one common theme
FTF: yes, nouns, pronouns, verbs.. quite common
GFP: no...more specific than that
FTF: well all your questions had one or more of those, so I don't know how I can get more specific!
GFP: hmm.... maybe by looking at more than just the type of word it is
FTF: well I don't know how much deeper you can go with it
GFP: well see I asked you what a MOO kiss is… now...ignoring the type of word… what's the definition of a MOO kiss, and be a specific as possible
FTF: now, this is a different question... you asked if I was ready to answer your question and I did and now you want MORE?
GFP: no, that's the question that I wanted answered
FTF: but YOU weren't specific!
GFP: well I figured you'd know what I was talking about considering that I've been asking about it all night
FTF: ah, yes, but you've also been asking me the same general question and getting the run around, so why would THAT question be answered any different?
GFP: well I kinda hoped that eventually the run around would stop
FTF: I'm sitting!
GFP: so...what question would I have to ask to get a STRAIGHT answer out of you?
FTF: well all words have curves
GFP: not all of them… “will” has no curves
FTF: well I personally don't have a flat screen!
GFP: ok...well then not srtaight as in "no curves", straight as in "no run around
FTF: but I'm sitting
GFP: ok... VERBAL run around
FTF: but I'm not speaking
GFP: you KNOW what I mean
FTF: but that's not what you're asking
GFP: yes it is… you're just choosing to ignore how I mean it
FTF: no no, I'm not ignoring that at all
GFP: oh?? then what're you doing?
FTF: thinking of exactly how you mean it and then answering what you're asking
GFP: yeah well...I'll never be able to word it exactly right, so I might as well just give up
FTF: what happened to hope?
GFP: what can I've thouroghly thrashed it
FTF: it?
GFP: you can be a royal pain sometimes do you know that
FTF: yes, yes I do *bows proudly*
GFP: well as long as we're clear on that
FTF: that... also a pronoun
GFP: *rolls his eyes at you*
FTF: ewwwwwwwwww! *tosses them back*
GFP: *throws his hands in the air totally exasperated*…. *waits for the smart ass comment that's sure to ensue*
FTF: what is it with you and tossing your body parts around as though its nothing… *hopes she didn't dissappoint!*
GFP: well that all depends on what you thing of as being something that would disappoint… I'm mean just maybe I was hoping to be wrong… but then maybe I was hoping to be right… or maybe even just plain not hoping for anything at all
FTF: *shrug* either way, I'm having fun
GFP: glad one of us is… unless you call pulling your hair out fun
FTF: well I don't want MY hair pulled out!
GFP: well you COULD actually be NICE to me for just a little time and tell me what I've been wanting to know all night
FTF: my name is Rebecca
GFP: I already knew that
FTF: *shrug* is there NO pleasing you?
GFP: yes there is and it very easy to, as long as your goal isn't to be a total pain

FTF: total pain? I was hoping for excruciating
GFP: it's getting there… I've actually noticed a headache coming on since we've been talking
FTF: since we've been or BECAUSE we've been?
GFP: could you PLEASE answer that one particular question before you leave???
FTF: yes *grin*
GFP: ok... fine then.... good night

Perhaps the I dreamed for a reason

Ok. The response to my first blog was not very good. Perhaps because, though I put that I was going to, I didn't send the address to anyone that I know. Might have put a limit on the number of people that saw/read the thing! Second try, and now that I have the address saved in an email, it really (probably) will be sent to at least a few people.

As the title of this blog suggests I might just touch on dreaming. Or perhaps relate a dream that I had. Yes, that was the whole point in starting this, I admit. Do I really think I had this dream for a reason... beyond that of a REM cycle making convoluted sense of my subconscious... not particularly. Though it almost makes more sense than my subconscious going back through or trying to figure out some even in my life. Anyway, here it is;

It started way before, and was more involved, than where I remember from. The details leading up to what I remember ran along the lines of an epic quest/rescue of a group of people all rushing toward some great fight/reckoning. With the energy and feel along the lines of a combination of Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Caribbean/Hook (for the fanciful bit of it). SO... we're heading for this great "battle" and I'm driving in the car with a sibling, and about 8 other people. Careening behind us is another of my siblings also in a loaded car. We take a sharp corner and someone goes flying off of the rear car! This is where the dream goes from the completely fantastic to something of a bit more realistic nature. My car pulls a U-ey to see what has happened, really signaling the end of the fanciful. Now this is the part of the dream that I remember the most. We've turned around in a normal looking neighborhood (no "Mad max and the thunder dome" scenery from before) knowing that someone has fallen from the moving car behind us. By the time we are there, the police have arrived and the child has been taken to the hospital. My sibling that was driving is naturally upset and we're frantically trying to figure out what happened. The sibling tells us the child they were driving somewhere, who is of no relation, (is it rude or unkind to think "whew, not one of ours" when someone is hurt in a dream?) freaked out because of a bee on the eraser of her pencil and in the process of trying to fling it off, arched her back and flew out the open passenger window! This resulted in them being slightly run over and my sibling informs us she will have, as a result, three pig feet. Now recalling this being clearly stated in the dream, my semi-conscious brain reasons they must only resemble pig feet from the injuries of falling from the car. The dream begins to fade as I'm slowly waking up, my conscious battling with the dream state and details such as, it being the drivers fault for having a child in the front seat with the window all the way down and them not being properly seated/buckled.... etc. It was all very strange I must admit, when I was going over the details as I woke up. NOT a premonition I hope...... But what would it be predicting... girls with pig feet... So this is the warning I feel I must give, to ensure I've done my duty in regards to any premonitiony tendencies I might be gifted with: No child under the legal age in the front seat, everyone properly buckled, and no all-the-way open windows in the car.... oh and no rushing off to fight some epic battle with "Hook" like characters!

I imagine, that for whoever may have actually read this entire thing, that I will not have a future audience. But what can I say, its been running through my head and now its written down.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The first, hopefully not the last

It seems I have decided to join the blogger 'revolution'. . . ? Well at least I've decided to make a first entry. Perhaps this is my first step in a great effort to keep in touch with those I love/like/know. Or, it could just be I have time this morning and will soon let the slowness of my internet connection bother me enough that this will be the one and only entry. Only time will tell.

I have recently changed to a full time position at work and therefore had no more time for a second job. Well at least no time I was willing to give to a second job. Scheduling for such a thing can be nightmarish. Although if you took a look at how varied my schedule has been, scheduling for one job is apparently just as hard. The point being for this rant, I hate working! It takes all my time and still doesn't give me enough money. I suppose that was the point of this rant. After I wrote the last two sentences though I believe I started with a different point in mind and have, since writing the 2nd - 4th sentences, forgotten what it was. Joy.

I have also recently heard that this "media" method is an effecive way of "journaling" and keeping "in" touch with people. (If I keep writing and/or "you" keep reading you will soon see I have a love of extra! punctuation.) We are supposed to be keeping a record, for posterity and such. . . and for all that know me you know I am TERRIBLE about doing things to keep in touch regularly. So, perhaps. . .

Well ,what I shall do is send this blog site to those I love/like/know and see how much of a rousing respose I get. Though that may or may not have a bearing on whether or not I make an effort to continue writing here. :)